Man and young child recycling in a forest discuss how to recycle hearing aids.

Is it possible to recycle used hearing aids? The answer is definitely the same whether you decide to update to a more advanced model like cochlear implants or you got them from a departed family member: donate your used hearing aids instead of throwing them away.

There are several organizations that acquire and distribute used hearing aids to individuals who need them, and there are plenty of people who need them. Read on to discover why it’s important to donate your pre-owned hearing aid and find out how you can go about it.

Why It’s Important to Donate a Used Hearing Aid

First, here are some significant statistics about hearing loss and hearing aids in the United States:

  • Of the overall populace, around 14% have some type of hearing loss
  • Of all of the adults suffering from hearing loss 91% percent are above 50 years old
  • There is evidence of hearing loss in 15% of school aged children
  • Hearing aids would benefit nearly 29 million adults with loss of hearing, but…
  • …only 16% (4.6 million) of them actually make use of hearing aids
  • The average age for first-time hearing aid users is 70, but again…
  • Fewer than 30% of those over 70 who need hearing aids have ever used them

I think we should be worried. Because neglected hearing loss has been associated with numerous health issues from an increased risk of falling to cognitive decline and depression. As a matter of fact, new research comes out every day showing how important hearing is to your overall health. These health problems can be avoided and in certain instances reversed by hearing aids.

And loss of hearing will cost the average family up to $12,000 every year which should be an extremely compelling point. But hearing aids can actually mitigate that cost by up to 50%.

For a family that loses out on $12,000 every year, it might simply not be feasible for them to afford a hearing aid.

Your used hearing aid can have a huge effect, in the health, quality of life and financial well-being, for an individual in need who could not otherwise afford a hearing aid. It could also help a child in school who has difficulty hearing, which could impact their ability to get into college and make a livable wage when they get older.

Donating Your Used Hearing Aids

There are numerous volunteer groups and makers who help recycle old hearing aids. Stop by and we can help you find a recycling strategy. Or give us a call.

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